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Premium Filters

Pick from our carefully curated free set of inspiring filters. Develop and create your own filters to further speed up your workflow. Try our Premium filters to explore unique looks and expand your styles.

Woman by the water
My 1st Filter
Woman un pink
My 2nd Filter
Woman with flowers in hair
Maykel Lomans
Two hatted ladies
President Barack Obama
Red Car
Mountain Landscape
River Landscape
Night Landscape
Clouded Cityscape
New York Cityscape
Photos used with permission by Sara Kerens.
"If you like curves, then I think @usedarkroom is the best photo editing app on iOS platform. Smartly architected and decently priced!" — Om Malik‏
Recognised by Apple as one of the top 10 best iOS Apps of 2015 and featured in Apple's #StartSomethingNew campaign.
"Curves adjustments, DIY filters, and infinite editing history make this simple photo app shine." — The Verge

Extend Your Creative Range

Our Pro Tools allow you to precisely edit every aspect of your photo. The Curves and Color tools allow you to define filters with the same fidelity as the world's best filter artists.

Darkroom ProKit Curves Tool
Darkroom ProKit Color Tool

Expansive Free Tool Kit

We love mobile photography as much as you do, so we face the same challenges that you face every day. That’s why we have built this incredibly deep, efficient and powerful set of tools to make your and our lives easier and more creative.

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Instant Photo Import
All your photos are instantly available. No import necessary
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Custom Filters
Customize any of our filters or create your own. Never apply the same sets of edits twice!
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Copy & Paste Edits
Quickly and easily match styles across your photo story
Favorite and Delete Icon
Manage Your Photos
Favorite, delete, and share without creating duplicates. All synced with your Camera Roll
Adjustment Sliders Icon
All-In-One Adjustments Tool
One tool, multiple sliders. Stop having to navigate in and out of tiny menus
History Tool Icon
Infinite Undo History
Our non-destructive engine enables undoing anything anytime. Edit, explore, and never worry about losing your place.

Mobile First Editing

Darkroom's revolutionary No-Import workflow eliminates the most annoying step in mobile photography. Our unique Custom Filter feature allows you to avoid repetitive editing routines. Professional tools like Curves and Color give you complete creative control.

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