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About Darkroom

Darkroom was launched February 12, 2015, and is a privately-owned, distributed company based in the United States run by Majd and Jasper. Amongst it's current hundreds of thousands monthly active people are top photographers and Instagram influencers.

Why another photo editor? Frustrated by the lack of control over the mobile editing process and the amount of work involved. We knew we could do better. Our insight was that mobile photo editors belonged in one of two groups: Limited mobile-first solutions, and crippled desktop-transplants. What if an app existed that was truely mobile first, and truely powerful?

Darkroom is our answer. The editing tools we offer are carefully chosen and powerful. Everything about Darkroom is designed to be fast and get out of your way. In distilling photo editing to its essentials, we’ve built the fastest, most powerful photo editing app on iOS. Along the way, we’ve eliminated the import flow, added infinite history, and built a foundation for the future that we will continue building on.

Media Resources

Below you will find publication ready assets, as wel as screenshots, and logos of Darkroom. All graphics are high-resolution Retina images. You can download each asset separately or download the full Press Kit. Darkroom boasts a wide variety of features and tools to help in every stage of the photo development process. The below assets represent only a handful of Darkroom’s most popular, and most loved features. To see them all, please reference our app or main page.

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App Icon Assets

iPhone X - v3.6

iPhone X - v3.5

iPhone X - v3.2

iPhone 8 - v3.0