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How do I restore purchases I have made in the past?

In Darkroom, go to Settings, you can find the option at the left top of the photo grid. Once in Settings tap the Restore Previous Purchases Option and all your purchases should be fully restored.

If that doesn't work you might want to first try and logout of the Apple AppStore, and then log back in. You can also check to see the status of the AppStore, and other services on Apple's System Satus page.

How can I get a refund for a purchase?

Apple handles all sales and there for also all refunds. Follow their instructions at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084

What happened to the "Save as Square" and "White Border" features?

When we released Darkroom 2.7, we eliminated the Save As Square Photo option from the share dialog for a few reasons:

  1. You can always use the free crop tool to create a square crop of your photo with full control.
  2. Instagram no longer enforced a square constraint on photos shared to its platform since 2015, meaning you can share your full-quality, high resolution portrait and landscape photos without shrinking them to fit in the square box.
  3. Since the Save as Square Photo option altered the final image, we wanted to ensure photographers understood what the final output would look like, which introduced a lot of product constraints on us. Primarily, we had to design the share experience to show the photo preview.
  4. Moving forward as we continue to update Darkroom, we want to improve the efficiency of using the application so you can spend more time editing your photos and sharing them, and less time navigating through the application. The new share experience is the first foundational step towards that goal.

How do I save or share my edited photo?

You can save an edited photo by tapping Share in the top right when you are viewing, not editing, a photo. From the share tool you will be able to save and share to many 3d party services.

Note that by default Darkroom edits all your photos non destructively, meaning we never automatically save any of the edits to your original photo without your explicit consent. If for any reason you ever did save an edit to a photo and you want to revert back to the original you can easily do so. Go to the History tool, and at the bottom tap the Revert button.

How do I create a custom filter?

Anytime you either edit your photo yourself, or after you have selected a filter and made additional edits you will see a Create Filter button, right above the filter strip in the Filter tool.

How do I share or install a filter?

We removed the filter sharing functionality, originally released in v2.0, in our v2.5 update due to minimal usage and cost of maintains for our small team.

Do you have an iPad or Android version, if not when?

We currently don't have a version of Darkroom for iPad or Android. We are a small team and currently don't have the resources to invest in making the amazing Darkroom experience available on iPad or Android.

Why does my photo come out smaller when I save it?

Resolution. First you might notice that the photo you saved ends up having a lower resolution, or pixel count. Say you have a 4000px wide photo and after saving it now it's 2500 pixels wide. Darkroom does this only for large photos taken with professional cameras because Darkroom requires more memory than available if it would try and save.

Compression. Secondly. Many professional cameras and the iPhone itself actually save the photo on capture as a JPG file. When we open that JPG and you save again or create another copy of it, you are technically saving a second generation JPG you are saving a compressed version of an already compressed image. This means that when you save your photo from Darkroom the JPG file saved will always be smaller than the original.

Why is saving a photo so slow, taking so long?

First of all, saving shouldn't be slow. Likely your iPhone is busy with something else in the background. Or your phone might be running low on disk storage space. You can check how much disk storage space you have left. Go to your iPhone's Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage to manage it. When your phone runs low on disk storage space it will have a harder time saving photos because it can't hold the entire saved image in memory and will swap parts between disk storage and memory to make it all work.

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