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How do I restore purchases I have made in the past?

In Darkroom, go to Settings, you can find the option at the left top of the photo grid. Once in Settings tap the Restore Previous Purchases Option and all your purchases should be fully restored.

If that doesn't work you might want to first try and logout of the Apple AppStore, and then log back in. You can also check to see the status of the AppStore, and other services on Apple's System Satus page.

How can I get a refund for a purchase?

Apple handles all sales and there for also all refunds. Follow their instructions at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084

Does Darkroom support the RAW file format used by my camera?

Most likely yes. As of iOS 10 and upwards, Darkroom uses Apple-provided system-level support to handle RAW files. As such they do the heavy lifting for us. They have conveniently created a full list of supported cameras for all of us.

It is possible, when you buy a completely new camera, that support isn't available yet. Fortunatley Apple updates the supported camera list regularly through software updates.

Can I export my photo as a TIFF file?

Yes, not only can you open and edit a TIFF file, as of Darkroom 3.0 you can choose from a couple of file format options for export. Go to Settings, then choose the Export Fomat & Quality option, and set what file format you'd like Darkroom to export your photos with. By default Darkroom saves file at the best quality option of JPG's, which should be good enough for almost all cases. But cou can choose to export as TIFF, note that the file format is uncompressed and will result in a big file size.

How do I save/export/share my edited photo?

You can save an edited photo by tapping Export in the top right when you are viewing or editing a photo. Or even if you tap and hold a photo in the Library Grid. From the Export sheet you will be able to save and share to many 3d party services.

Note that by default Darkroom edits all your photos non destructively, meaning we never automatically save any of the edits to your original photo without your explicit consent. If for any reason you ever did save an edit to a photo and you want to revert back to the original you can easily do so. Go to the History tool, and at the bottom tap the Revert button.

How do I create a custom filter?

Anytime you either edit your photo yourself, or after you have selected a filter and made additional edits you will see a Create Filter button, right above the filter strip in the Filter tool.

How do I share or install a filter?

We removed the filter sharing functionality, originally released in v2.0, in our v2.5 update due to minimal usage and cost of maintains for our small team.

Do you have an iPad or Android version, if not when?

As we haven't taken any outside funding, we're only accountable to the people who matter: our users. That also means we currently don't have a version of Darkroom for iPad or Android, as we simply as tiny team and don't have the resources to invest in making the amazing Darkroom experience available on iPad or Android.

Darkroom crashed when I did X, what happened?

We probably don't know, but you can help us figure it out! All we need is your crash log and a brief descroption of what you did before the crash occured. Follow the below steps to retrieve and send us your crash log:

  1. Sync with iTunes on your Mac
    • Crash logs are transferred to iTunes on your Mac whenever you sync your device. Plug in your device, and launch iTunes to complete the sync.
  2. Retrieve the Crash Log
    • Open Finder (found in the Dock)
    • Click on the Go menu at the top of your screen, and select Go to Folder
    • Type (or paste): ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
    • Open the folder with the same name as your device. (Note: your device name appears in iTunes on the left side, under 'Devices').
    • Look for files starting with Darkroom. If you don't see any, try opening the folder called Retired. Here, you should see at least one item starting with Darkroom. Copy any that you find to your Desktop.
    • Attach the file(s) to your reply, or send them to feedback@darkroom.co

Can't find an answer to your question above?

Please feel free to contact our product support and ask any question you might have, or even just to share feedback.